Tuesday, January 20, 2009

After Hours Live Chat with Anne - Wednesday 9 pm EST

Thanks to all who tuned in for the Live Chat! Some great questions were asked, and I hope the information shared was valuable for you! Extra thanks to the wedding planners who participated in the discussion and shared their thoughts in the sidebar comments with the photographers! You ladies ROCK!!

If you're interested in being featured in a live chat and having it featured on photolovecat.com - just drop us a line and we'll try to set up a time for you!

Hi Friends!! I just got back from Mystic 4 and next I'm looking forward to seeing many of you soon at WPPI! While I won't be presenting at WPPI, I will be hosting the Giveaway Gala along with the other lovecats and our sponsors, as well as organizing the launch of the Vegas Wedding Project! So many exciting things happening!! I can't wait!! Since I've been so busy offline outside of the blogosphere lately, I thought rather than taking the time to write another lengthy blog post, I'd just use that time to have a live discussion with anyone who's interested in knowing what I think about... well.... anything! My specialty is definitely marketing and management, but I'm happy to address any other issues that might come up as well. I might even be lucky enough to have some of the other lovecats join in on the conversation!! ;-) This is open to anyone who runs a freelance business, with the knowledge that I obviously have a greater breadth of experience in the photography world. So if you've been dying to ask me a question - I'll be here for you!

Here's a brief bio based on my Mystic 4 presentation:
Anne Ruthmann

"How an Ugly, Fat Girl became a Popular International Photographer"
She didn't get lucky photographing celebrities. She isn't skinny enough to fit into designer clothing. She doesn't have a portfolio filled with lavish, over-the-top weddings. Yet, clients are willing to book her sight-unseen, fly her across the world, and even pay 5 figures for her work. Anne has learned what clients want most and why they will go out of their way and break their budget just to have it. She'll share her secrets to branding, pricing, and client care that have contributed to her rapid success in wedding photography. To view Anne's photography, visit her blog at Anne Ruthmann Photography.

Anne is a self-taught photographer who started photographing weddings in 2005 while living in Detroit, MI, went full time in 2006 while moving to Terre Haute, IN (a rural farm city) and just recently moved to Lowell, MA in 2008. In those few short years she has gained an international following of wedding clients, won awards in AGWPJA and WPJA, been published in several different wedding magazines and was recognized as one of PDN's Top Knots for 2008. Before realizing her passion for wedding photography, Anne spent 10 years working in finance, marketing, and management for everything from large corporations to small non-profits. She regularly shares her extensive business knowledge and experiences on various forums, in private consultations, and on the business blog PhotoLoveCat.com.


  1. Dang! As an ugly fat guy I find this inspiring! Didn't realize you'd only been at it a few years. Figured you were an old-timer.....

  2. Your story is inspiring, but I cringe when I read "ugly, fat girl". I don't agree with that, but I think your presentation is going to be so awesome and I wish I was attending! If you record the seminar, I'd love to buy the dvd!

    In the meantime, I'll be here at 9!

  3. Anne you're truly inspiring! Not only by your beautiful work, but by the way you live. Choosing a green lifestyle and sharing your knowledge.

  4. Hi Anne, how do we participate in the chat? Will it be via twitter? I am scheduling a reminder in my phone right now!

  5. We Missed Mystic and Missed your chat :( sorry Anne. See you next week in Waltham??

  6. Hi Anne, the live chat was great! Three Hours! You must be tired this morning :)
    Lots of great information - if you find anyone who taped it please post a link.
    Thanks again.

  7. Ugh! I missed it. Is there a place to replay it?

  8. UGH! I missed it!! >.<