Monday, December 8, 2008

The Las Vegas Wedding Photo Project!

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I've always wondered what the Las Vegas Wedding is really like, and I'm going to guess that with the economy the way it is, there may be a lot of other people wondering the same thing! And since WPPI is conveniently (or not-so-conveniently) happening right around Valentine's Day this year, I thought it would be fun to get a whole bunch of professional wedding photographers to document the Las Vegas Wedding experience, in an attempt to satisfy the curiosity of anyone who ever asked the question, "Wanna get married in Vegas?"

The goal is to create a blog featuring Vegas Wedding and related images from photographers with links to the wedding chapels along with information needed for any advance wedding planning, links to the photographers and coordinators who participate, etc. If nothing else, we want this to become a huge image resource full or gorgeous images for what a Vegas wedding really looks like as well as a large resource blog full of Vegas wedding info. It's time to give Vegas Weddings a new look, and with some of the hottest photographers in the industry heading into town for WPPI - I think we can do Vegas a big favor.

When I googled "Vegas Wedding" here are some of the top links that came up and I think we can do way better than these!!

Each photographer is responsible for their own documentation and contributions to the blog. An editor will be in charge of formatting the posts for the blog and deciding how and when to best display and feature the various blog posts. We will collaborate in advance to find out which chapels are open to the documentation project and to schedule our photographers at certain times in certain places in order to work collaboratively with the Vegas Wedding Chapels and Photographers who are simply trying to do their job in Vegas. Our goal is not to replace them, only to provide an insider look into the how, what, and where of a Vegas Wedding in collaboration with some of the hottest wedding venues, photographers, and coordinators already established in the Las Vegas Wedding market. If you plan to photograph models in wedding dresses while you're in Vegas - those are welcome as part of the project as well - as long as you're willing to disclose the location of your shoot.

I would like to get the Vegas visitors bureau involved, since it could likely bring them attention and added appeal for people to visit Vegas during a recession. The project could be compelling enough to be picked up by a national book company, or we could self-publish with a link to purchase the book on our blog and give any sales profits to a charity. Wedding bloggers will love this project and hopefully our project blog will become the one-stop shop when people talk about wanting to run away to vegas for a wedding!! If nothing else, the mere buzz potential alone will add a significant amount of SEO to the people involved. Sound good?

Ready to do it? Drop me an email at photolovecat [at] and I'll give you private access to our forum so we can discuss the project some more!! Also, if you're a bride or photographer who has past wedding photos from Las Vegas - please email us if you're interested in having your photos featured on our site!!


  1. What a fantastic idea! I just googled las vegas wedding blogs and found your site. I'm looking to get married there in May!!!

  2. Erin and I would love to be a part of this! I sent you an email... ;-)

  3. Lisa and I had the same idea to fill some of our free time - (Saturday the 14th Valentines day) so we would love to hook upo with your project! See you at WPPI

  4. Fantastic idea! Wish we could be a part of it - I so need a house & dog-sitter!!!

  5. Sounds cool! We'd love some more info:)

  6. I am so excited to be a part of it! I think it is a great way to create some energy and get people siked about Vegas!

  7. I would -love- to help out in any way. let me know. I'll be in the business institute all day but after 6 it looks totally open. I'd love to shoot at the little white chapel, hotel chapels, anywhere love is in the air and elvis is officiating - who could ask for more of vegas on valentines day?!?

  8. This is great, can't wait to see you all!


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