Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WPPI 2009 - Giveaway Gala ::UPDATE::

Just wanted to send a quick update to everyone interested in the 2nd Annual Giveaway Gala on February 17th during WPPI 2009!

Do you know if your friends are coming to the party? Even though we've already sold out of our regular tickets, you can still register on the waiting list to receive location information about the party! Registration will end on Monday February 9th - so that we can get the information out to our attendees next Tuesday!! Location details will only be sent to REGISTERED guests and there will be door security checking the registered guest list. It's totally free to attend, we just need to have your info in advance for insurance reasons. If you haven't already let us know you're coming, please register through the link below:

Last year we had a blast hosting the first ever Giveaway Gala party and it was a HUGE success!! (see: http://photolovecat.blogspot.com/2008/03/giveaway-gala-photos.html) We're still looking for a few more sponsors for this year's party- so if you know of a company that needs a little more exposure and is looking for an opportunity to meet some photographers who are looking for solutions- please send them our way, we're happy to help make the connection at the Giveaway Gala!

For any sponsors who are interested, the cost to be a sponsor is $500 and all sponsorship dollars go directly to the cost of the location and libations. To host your own party in a private suite would cost a minimum of $5000 (we've done the numbers) and you would need to launch a major marketing effort in order to attract the kind of following that we have already attained through our resourceful blog, which is regularly referenced and linked to throughout the photography community.

Here are the top 10 reasons why our sponsors love the Photo Lovecat Giveaway Gala:
10. We are experienced event organizers who take care of everything - you just show up and have a great time!
9. It's a great way to meet people directly and to ask them about their needs and to answer any questions they may have about your service or product.
8. The environment is laid back and upscale with decent volume levels that make networking and meeting new friends easy.
7. Photo Lovecat has an outstanding reputation in the photography community, and is a trusted source for reputable business practices, which elevates the brand perception of those who become involved as sponsors.
6. One Sponsor per category ensures that you will have exclusive representation for your category on all marketing materials and at the event. (Note: some exceptions have been made when companies agreed to share a category.)
5. Photo Lovecat audience ranges from beginning to experienced professional photographers who are looking for business solutions to help them run their business more efficiently and effectively.
4. We like to have fun!! Did you see how much fun we had last year? http://photolovecat.blogspot.com/2008/03/giveaway-gala-photos.html
3. Sponsors receive guest list information in order to make use of follow-up relationship building efforts.
2. Last year we sold out capacity for the event and had a waiting list of an additional 100 people!
1. We do this because we love helping others, no profits are made through this event.


  1. Heard how much fun it was last year, so I'd love to check it out this year! I am in town from the 15th through the 21st (my 30th birthday!).

  2. Sounds fun. I will be arriving on the 15th and leaving on the 18th.

  3. Yeaaaaah!!! So excited about this! I'll be there from the 13th-19th or so. Can't WAIT!!!

  4. This was tons of fun last year; I'd love to come again! I'm going to be there the 15th through the 19th.

  5. 14th - 19th. yeah. can't wait either

  6. If there's anything I can do to help let me know! I'll be there the 11th-19th :)

  7. We will be there the whole time, can't wait to attend!!

  8. i'll be there the whole time. it was a highlight at last year's wppi-- so glad you're putting it on again! thank you!

  9. We will be there the 16th and leaving on the 19th. Wedding that weekend and bridal show on Sunday or we would be there sooner. :(
    Cathy Ann & Scott Erickson

  10. My husband and I are excited to attend the Gala! We will be in town from Feb. 15 - 18th. Hopefully it will be on one of those days!

  11. the party was lots of fun last year and i won something too! we'll be there the 15-18th.

  12. I'll be in town Feb 11-18. Thanks Anne!

  13. Sounds great - would love to be able to attend! I'll be there with some fellow Canadians until the 18th.

  14. Last year was a blast. Cant wait and yes Im bringing a crew of friends.

    Andy John Images

  15. anne! Can't wait to see you at WPPI! I'll for sure stop by the Gala! You know I hate to miss a party. :)

  16. Hey Anne, I just tried to register on the waiting list but the link isn't taking me anywhere. Is the waiting list "sold out"?


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