Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Online Photography Courses You Should Know

This is a guest post submitted by Bridger Rodriguez:

Are you interested in taking your interest in photography to the next level? Taking a course in photography is a great way to improve your skill set and knowledge in this form of art. But for some people, the daily commute and classroom-based learning experience are too much to bear. Fortunately nowadays, you can find nearly any course you want to take through the Internet. Online photography courses are accessible for different photographers, from amateurs to professionals. These courses, however, differ in price, curriculum, and requirements, so investigating some courses prior to actually applying is important to ensure that the course fits your personal schedule and needs.

Better Photo
This online photography course provides more than 80 programs assembled in a diversity of classes including basics, digital, composition, and photo editing. Programs last from as short as four weeks to as long as eight weeks. Instruction is given through email or live chat, so there is sizable versatility in participation. You can simply email or talk to them in real-time whenever you have questions or issues in need of addressing. Note that these programs are not rendered for free (

NY Institute of Photography
The web-based program is subdivided into three parts - full course in professional photography, Adobe Photoshop, and basics of digital photography. While the program is a costly one, NY Institute of Photography provides an optional classroom-based curriculum plus a web-based program at the same time. These extra materials involve video tutorials, illustrated content, student advising, and audio analysis. The school provides a 21-day money-back guarantee and gives you up to three years to finish the course (

School of Photography
The school imparts 7 web-based programs including Basic, Digital Imaging, Glamour, and Landscape. The first two programs are recommended for amateurs while the other five are good for advanced photographers. Special offers are accessible when taking more than one course at the same time. The school provides a complementary night session through its website (

The Perfect Picture
The Perfect Picture fragments its programs into 4 groups - beginner/intermediate, intermediate/advanced, making money in photography, and digital darkroom. Students enlisted in the program are given the week's worth of lessons that can be downloaded from a provided link. The student then has 10 days to accomplish the assignment. Completed projects are then uploaded, and a teacher evaluates the work and sends his opinions. Participants enlisted in the coursework also obtain tutorial videos regarding the fundamentals of Photoshop so as not to waste time offering basic pointers to guarantee all students are at equal levels (

Creative Tech
Creative Tech provides 10-week photography programs a few times annually. The course is, however, restricted to 1,000 students and fills up quite fast. This first-come-first-serve basis allows the teachers to focus on a smaller group of students hence making the learning experience more efficient and effective (

Online photography courses are a great alternative to classroom-based ones. They save you time, effort, and money and yield a substantial amount of flexibility.

Bridger Rodriguez writes about the arts, education and more. His most recent work focuses on The Top Online Masters in Education.