Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Website & Branding Critique Webinar - Photographer Website Best Practices

Thanks to all who attended our Live Website & Branding Critique Online this week! We had awesome people in the chat room who were very helpful and friendly to those who were having their websites critiqued. It's not easy putting yourself and your business on stage for everyone else to see and criticize, but so far the feedback has been very positive and helpful for everyone who joined in! We couldn't do it without the courage of our lovecat audience putting their own work out there for us to critique in front of everyone. For those who could not make it, I have to say that the slides are such a SMALL fraction of all the things we discussed. However there should still be plenty of solid tips to help you grade your own website experience. To view the slides, simply click through the slideshare presentation embedded below:

We also got the NICEST thank you note ever from Michelle- whose website we reviewed live in front our a webinar audience of 65 people....

"Dear Anne, Corey Ann, Jennifer and Christine,

I'd like to thank you all so much. It was the first time I have ever really put myself and work out there and you made it wonderful experience.  You were very honest and gave me much insight as to what needs to be changed.  I took two pages of notes and couldn’t keep up with the side bar of comments but I truly appreciate everyone’s input.  I know from Facebook Anne, you were concern about presenting the information to us well and you did.  I did not feel offended, just had my eyes opened to what others truly see.  Lots of work to do this week and just grateful and thankful for you ladies.
Have an awesome day!
Warmest wishes,

I can't thank our lovecat audience enough for THEIR contribution in making these webinars so helpful for ALL of us!

Many people asked if we would critique their website after seeing the live critique done online, and our answer is YES! We decided on offering two possibilities, depending on what you're looking to get out of it.

Cost: Free
Privacy: Public (no privacy)
Timeframe: Whenever we feel like it (could be one week, could be months from now)
Details: Email your website to photolovecat at with the heading "Public Website Critique Request" and one of our editors will volunteer to do a blog post critique of your website to be shared publicly here on

Cost: $250
Privacy: Private
Timeframe: Agreed upon before payment
Details: Email your website to photolovecat at with the heading "Private Website Critique Request" and one of our editors will contact you with more details.

We wish that we had the time to critique everyone's website for free, but realistically, we have businesses to run and bills to pay. Time is the most valuable resource in our business. We volunteer our time here on PhotoLovecat when we feel we have extra to give, so please do not be offended if we cannot critique your site in our spare time- we love to enjoy friends and family in our spare time too!

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