Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Photographer Pricing Critique Webinar - Best Pricing Practices

Thanks to everyone who joined in on our Live Pricing Critique Webinar last week. For those who weren't able to attend, we're happy to say that we received permission to publish the price lists from REAL photographers shared in the live critique! The following is a Slideshare presentation of the slides used in the webinar. While it isn't as detailed as the live critique was, this simplified version allows for quick browsing and consideration. Please do remember that the price lists shared here are not meant to be examples of what you should do- only of what other people have done. We also need to give thanks to the photographers who were willing to put themselves and their price lists out there for critique- this wouldn't be possible without their courage and contribution.

Slideshare Tip: Expand the presentation with the button on the bottom right.

If you'd like to join our next PhotoLovecat Live Critique Webinar on Websites & Branding, please click below to sign up via Fisheye Connect.

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