Wednesday, April 21, 2010

5 Essential Facebook Tips for Photographers

We received a great guest article from Nikole Bordato Photography , sharing her essential facebook tips for photographers!  Check out her quick & easy tips:

1)      Get a fan page instead of a group. Fan pages (now known simply as "Pages") are a place to share your latest news, events and promotions. Fan pages also publish new fans and content to news feeds. But the biggest benefit over a Facebook group is that fan pages are fully indexed by Google. You can never have too much search engine optimization opportunities.

2)      Secure your unique username for your fan page. Once you have your first 25 fans, you’ll be able to register your unique username which will allow you to personalize your Facebook URL. To register your username visit

3)      Insert keyword-rich text throughout your fan page. Because fan pages are fully indexed by Google, there is an opportunity to increase your search engine optimization. Make sure you have you taken advantage of all the places to enter text – write your bio, fill out the information sections and put tons of keywords in that little box under your profile picture. Also make sure that you are updating your page regularly to keep the content rich.

4)      Create a profile picture that will utilize your available space. As photographers, our profile pictures will be an important contributor to positive first impressions. To help create a profile picture that stands out utilize the entire space. The ideal size for a Facebook profile picture is 200 pixels by 600 pixels. Your Facebook avatar will be a teeny tiny subsection, so you may need to play with the picture to get a photo that works as a profile picture and your page avatar.
5)      Import your blogs posts. Use the Notes application to pull in your blog feed. This will help automate posting new content to your page and will be published in your fans new feed. Notes will also allow your fans to read and comment on your blog posts without actually checking your site out. This is handy because people who log on to Facebook every day, may not be checking your blog daily (the horror!).

*Please note: Facebook is CONSTANTLY changing, so please check with facebook FAQ for the latest information.

About Nikole Bordato: "I am a reformed program manager who loves to wrangle light and help people understand how photogenic they really are. If I have spare time, I spend it thinking about trips, books, more photography and Halloween"


  1. Great information, thanks Nikole!!!

  2. This is so useful! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Excellent info! I finally got my correct name into the URL for my fan page instead of all of those senseless numbers and emotes. Thank you so much!

  4. thanks for the end name part! i've tried to figure that out but then didn't worry about it.

  5. This is a great information. Although I am not yet a paid photographer, I'd like to use this medium for people to see my shots for possible future gigs. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thanks! This helped me tremendously! I started using Facebook to promote my workshops and now I have secured a username for the page.

  7. My facebook page has been a HUGE tool in my business. Last month 42% of my website traffic was referred from facebook. Uploading photos and tagging clients in them is vital to my marketing. I relying almost entirely on word of mouth for marketing and facebook fits right in with that.

  8. Great tips, especially about using keywords. I see many photographers pages that have very minimal info. Note: Unfortunately, with the merging of our FB page and FB Places, we lost that little box under the profile picture.


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