Sunday, January 11, 2009

Great Photographer Resources

We have a running list on the right side of this blog with great photography resources when we find them, but if you see this blog in a feed reader or via email, than you probably haven't checked them out lately! We add new links from time to time when we find valuable resources. Because we volunteer our time and information on this blog (we aren't paid for our contributions) it also means that no one pays to be a part of our links, which allows us to share the things we love and not just things which pay to appear on our page. So, if you're looking for some good information, feel free to check out these links:

We also previously published a list of entirely free online resources, which you can find here:

Are there any resources you think we've missed?

Anne Ruthmann is a lifestyle & wedding photographer from Boston, MA. She spent 10 years in the corporate & non-profit world before pursuing her passion for photography. When not behind the computer or camera, she can be found exploring the world with her husband. Follow her on Twitter.


  1. Fabulous list! There are two of my personal favorites that I don't see here: Dane Sander's Fast Track Photographer (the book is AMAZING, and the forum is full of wonderful people) at - and Dane's new video series at

    Thanks so much for the great list!

  2. PIF has moved to -

  3. Thanks for the list - great resources! I also like Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider:
    and PhotoshopUser tv:
    One of my other favourites is What the Duck:

  4. Here's another one I just thought of, The Pioneer Woman:

  5. a new resource... national association of professional child photographers -

  6. Nice shutterblog, I have learned alot there.

  7. is another great resource, and free to boot!


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