Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ask Jillian ---- Anything!

Even with the best of clients and vendors, everyone reaches a point where they have to scratch their heads and say..."How on earth do I respond?" One of my great joys in life, believe it or not, is finding the right answers to those questions. On the Open Source Photo forum, we call these "Dear Silly Lady" letters (you'll see why).

So I'd love to know....what business relationship issues do you have that are stumping you? Send an email to with a description of your problem. Please change the names to protect the guilty! I'll feature your question (anonymously if you'd like) here on PhotoLoveCat and provide how I would respond or what actions I would take to resolve the situation.

In the comments, we can discuss other opinions and ideas that the group has....I always find the 200 heads are better than just mine! In no time at all you'll be back to sleeping peacefully with visions of happy clients dancing in your head!

Email with:
1. A description of your problem.
2. A phone number I can reach you at if I need more information!
3. Whether you'd like me to post your name/website or not. (Usually I'd suggest not, but depends on the circumstance.)

All the best,

Jillian Kay is a wedding & portrait photographer from San Jose, CA. By weekday, she is a mild mannered software engineer. By weekend, she is a joyful and energetic force behind a camera! Jillian enjoys tackling the tough questions about client relationships and helping others see win/win solutions. When not working, she loves taking walks, blog-stalking, visiting with friends, and enjoying life!.


  1. Pardon the random, but have you ever thought about maybe doing a podcast of the Dear Silly Lady letters? I would TOTALLY tune in for that!

  2. molly - have you tried getting your computer to read to you? That way you can have the audio in the background while working visually in the foreground! It's also a great way to get through a long email! Try it!

  3. Molly - Thanks! My plate is full right now, but if I ever have any free time that would be a lot of fun. :) Like having my own radio show!

    Anne - You're brilliant...have I mentioned that lately? :)

  4. I think we should find someone to do dramatic readings of Dear Silly Lady letters. Oh goodness, it would make the most awesome podcast!

    I really wish days were 48 hours long. There is so much I would be able to do then!


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