Thursday, May 8, 2008

Don't Lose Your Rights

Photographers, Illustrators, Artists... your hard work may be sold out from under you, legally. Please take two minutes to sign this petition online and prevent our government from passing a bill that will allow people to use your work commercially without your permission....

(thank you Emilie for bringing this to my attention!)


  1. I can't believe nobody has responded to this yet...hopefully they went & signed the petition.

    I love your blog, by the way...I only wish you could post more often. ;-)

  2. I signed and made sure to send it to as many other photographers as possible. Thanks for posting the link. It doesn't get much easier to write your representative!

  3. Wow! The stuff that passes for good legislation..... Thank you for posting this. I hope it is defeated - both bills.

  4. You guys have a great site going here! I hope you are going to keep posting! I've learned so much from you guys! thanks for everything!

  5. Speaking of rights -- I'm about to post an article written for me by an attorney on how to register your copyright. Want me to email it to you too to post here? (With the author's permission, of course!)


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