Sunday, January 27, 2008

Recession Time = Rethinking Time

Gary Fong offers some valuable business advice about what products and services sell best in times of recession. Click on the link below to see what he has to say...


  1. What Gary suggests, raises a few problems, low end clients readily steal photographs, scan paper proofs, and try to print webres images. Selling like walmart, or used car dealers, with a lowe buy in and high back end costs is a rip off, quality customers know that. Lowball customers hate it, do it anyway and get revenge by stealing. His caveat that you must maintain control over the rights of your images is great, how?

    I love Gary, but those issues need to be addressed. I prefer to add value and build value with existing clients. As he says and is so true, customer service, that makes them your cheerleader is more of the answer. I woudl suggest shooting for charities, and making a HUGE fuss with lots of FREE PR. You be the high end really amazing wish I could afford them photographer that is so great you helped teh charity all the rich folks love...

  2. Do you feel like there's a place for both the low and the high end to exist and thrive in the same market? I've always felt that recessions are not so much times when everyone pinches pennies, but when people who were one value buyers suddenly become bargain shoppers, further polarizing the market into those looking for the best deal, and those looking for the highest quality whatever the cost. In a polarized economy, it is the middle market that becomes the danger ground and must decide which strategy is better for their long term business. It's easy to think that one strategy will work for everyone, but the fact is that we need all types in order to feed the market. The high end vendors can not be considered high end if it weren't for the bargain vendors, and vice versa. As with all things, the market needs balance and each person needs to decide for their self, where they fall within that balance. Some people don't have it in them to provide the level of service the high end market desires, and would rather work more for less. That does not make what others do less valuable, it just provides a different type of service in a larger market.


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