Thursday, September 6, 2007

Blog updates!

CLICK HERE to visit the actual blog if you're reading this in a feedreader!!!

I just wanted to draw your attention to some things that have been popping up on the right side of this blog, which won't show up in feedreaders...
1. Who are you Poll....
2. List of recommended readings to help improve your business
3. Photographer Blogroll - this is my BIG FAT HUGE list of photographer blogs, seperated by region.. I'm always adding to this as I discover more!!


  1. sweet - thanks for all the great resources! I did as you instructed. :-)

  2. Hi Anne!

    This blog is a great resource!

    I really appreciate it!


  3. Hey, Anne! I don't think I told you that I have a new blog and new website.

  4. yep, i dig your blog. is certainly one that we have been working hard to help any photographer with their lighting skills, check it out :)

    thank you for your efforts, i voted in you poll too :)

  5. Hi Anne - woudl love to be included in the blogroll...

    I am currently located in Berlin, Germany, but will be relocating to the states in the next 6 months or so.

    Thanks! LOVE this blog by the way!!! and your other one too.

  6. strange,...the blogroll link doesn't work for me, maybe it's just me tho!!! :) <3 wrecklessgirl

  7. You need to add the Pacific Northwest to your big fat list :)

    I'm in WA...

    Just starting out, so your blog is a terrific resource for me!

  8. Hey Courtney - I don't think you have your RSS feed turned on because my feedreader can't seem to find one for your blog!! I include WA as part of the West Coast ;-)

  9. Hey there listmaster - here's an OSP inspired deign resource

    Upload your designs for sharing and benifit from the creative consciousness.


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