Friday, April 20, 2007

Royalty Free Music Resources

Before you use any resource, always make sure you check the usage rights so that you understand the limitations of each agreement.

Triple Scoop Music - a fairly large collection of great music from around thet globe, including popular musicians and grammy winning artists.

Stock 20 - search by genre, latest upload, or even featured artists

Red Beard Music - a site for more popular music artists to offer their music for a limited annual license at a very reasonable price. - searchable database of royalty free music, available by individual download or as a discounted set

Pump Audio - from Getty Images comes great artists and music for purchase and download

Royalty Free Music - subscribe, download tracks, or buy a CD of royalty free music

ShowIT Music - David Jay is passionate about finding and offering cool music that is royalty-free for photographers and videographers to use professionally

Soundtrack Arcade - a growing archive of royalty free music for a variety of genres

Granite Audio Pro - dedicated to professionally composed royalty free music for photographers and videographers

Music Bakery - a one time subscription with unlimited downloads

TrueTone Productions - pay per song acoustic instrumental tracks

PD Info - royalty free music library arranged by genre and ideal uses

Pod Safe Music Network - one of the largest collections of creative commons liscense music and artists

Pod Safe Audio - unsigned artists share their music for download


  1. Pod Safe Audio is protected under Creative Commons License. It is not available for commercial purposes. So, you can't sell a slideshow with their music.

  2. Thanks for adding that! I may have to do a future post on the different license agreements!

  3. I would like to suggest two more great Royalty free music resources...

  4. My fave royalty free resource of late is, super fun stuff!

  5. is a new site, that has Grammy winning artists, and songs as low as $25.. you should check them out and add to your list

  6. Hi, I'm Abby Boldt and I noticed your royalty free creative commons resources : )

    I help out Dan-O from - maybe you know about him?

    For years he has been posting his work for free for community and commercial use in videos, games and podcasts.

    Can you take a look and consider listing on your site?

    Thanks so much!


  7. My favorite website for royalty free music is
    Go and check it out...

  8. represents a new concept in the world of royalty free music marketplaces. Rather than a set price for licenses, visitors to this royalty free music library can actually choose how much they wish to pay to license each individual track. Granted, there is a minimum fee of $1 for every track, but considering that this covers a license for unlimited usages this is truly royalty free music for free.

  9. For royalty free music that is also pretty much free to license , head to, A new royalty free music library where you can license tracks for as little as $1. The collection covers a wide range of genres, and although is small, this is a blessing in comparison to other sites where you need to browse for hours until you find what you are looking for. They also offer a very affordable bespoke music solution, and can edit tracks in any way you want. A place worth a visit Royalty free music library

  10. Feel free to try my site...over 500 tracks...all free (with proper credit given.)


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