Friday, January 12, 2007

Track & Organize Favorite Blogs

Some people blog everyday and some blog sporadically, and while you love keeping up with your favorite blogs, your time is too precious to check on blogs that haven't been updated. The benefit of using a feed reader versus bookmarks is that the feed reader will notify you when a blog has been updated so that you're only checking blogs when there are new posts to read, or new information added to old posts. There are many different types of feedreaders available, but I prefer using an online based feed reader because I often use multiple computers whether I'm home or away and would prefer to have them organized and stored online so that I can access my favorite blogs from anywhere.

The following video tutorial demonstrates how you can use Bloglines to keep up with your favorite blogs in one neat and organized place.


  1. I use bloglines to track more then 90 photographers.

  2. thanks for the great business blog, have already bookmarked three of your articles for future reference. love the Bloglines suggestion, answered my question of having rss feeds on my bookmark bar on my desktop and my laptop in my mac, they do not sync when i have read a post. perfect solution for traveling.


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