Sunday, February 19, 2012

How to Move Your Business to a New Market

I've received a lot of questions about this topic, probably because I've started my small business in three different locations over the last 6 years. As most people know, it takes two years to really build a business, so what do you do if you have bills to pay and need to relocate?  You need to find work as soon as you can, so you can keep paying the bills after your savings has helped you make the transition.  From my experience, there are lots of ways to do this, but many require you to stretch yourself in new ways and change a few habits that come from getting comfortable in one place.  In this interview with Dane Sanders, I share some of the ways that I've made it possible to move my business three times and now live in Australia and travel the world for 8 months.  If you know someone who needs some advice on moving their business, please share this with them!  Also, make sure you check out the Fast Track Coaching archives, which are chocked full of interviews like this one!!

Click play on the video below to watch (the video is about 45 minutes long- feel free to leave any questions in the blog comments and I'll be sure to respond)...

Was there a key piece of advice that was meaningful to you?  
Do you have any other suggestions for people re-establishing their business in a new place?  
Do you have questions we didn't answer?  
Please leave a comment and let me know!


Anne Ruthmann is a lifestyle & wedding photographer from Boston, MA. She spent 10 successful years in marketing & management for corporate and non-profit businesses before pursuing her passion for photography as an independent small business.  She loves helping others find creative and low-cost solutions to business problems.  Follow her on Twitter to see her daily adventures and thoughts.

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