Monday, January 10, 2011

WPPI 2011

It's that time of year again, convention time!!! Imaging USA/DWF is almost upon is and WPPI is biting close at its heels. To go or not to go - that is the question in many photographer minds right now.

In the past we've covered a lot of WPPI, here's a list of the blog topics in the past. Do you have any burning questions that you'd like covered before we hit WPPI? Comment and let us know!

General Tips:

Money Saving Tips:
Hotel Deals (will be sleuthing out deals for this year and making a new post)


Corey Ann is a wedding & lifestyle photographer from North Canton, OH. She is a mix of everything - fashionista (runs Clothes for Pros, clothing suggestions for photographers), travel guru, deal hound and geek rolled into one. She's had a website online since 1997 and a blog since 1999. When not plotting world domination or her next trip, she can be found reading one of the 100+ books she reads a year. Follow her on Twitter.

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