Thursday, February 14, 2008

One-on-One Mentoring for Thirst Relief

**UPDATE** Auctions are currently STILL OPEN, but will come to their final end Thursday evening!

At this very moment, celebrity photographers are being auctioned off for charity! Get in on the action and you could spend at least 90 minutes one-on-one with your favorite photographer! If you'd like to have your mentoring session in person, you can bid to spend time with them at WPPI where they will answer every question you can squeeze into your time together. However, I also think that you could bid just to have a long phone conversation with them in the event that you can't make it to WPPI! All of the proceeds go to Thirst Relief International, which provides water filtration systems around the world to help eliminate water borne illnesses that cause over 5,000 deaths every day. Not only will you be getting great advice from an awesome photographer, but you'll be saving lives as well, and I don't think it gets any better than that. ;-)

Check out some of the star-studded names that you could bid on!!
Kevin Kubota • Bebb Studios • Gary Fong • LaCour • Bambi Cantrell • Yervant • Jose Villa • Mike Colon • Jesh De Rox • Jessica Claire • [b]ecker • Joe Buissink • David Beckstead • John Michael Cooper • Dane Sanders • Denis Reggie • Davina • Vicki Tauffer • Brianna Graham • Laura Novak • Jasmine Star • Fred Egan • Anne Ruthmann (how did that get in there?!) • and many more!!!!

The best part of this auction is that there are some amazing photographers who you might not have heard of before, but would be awesome to win! So, if you can only budget a certain amount of money toward a charitable donation for a mentor, see if you can get someone who's a total bargain! There are 5 pages of photographers to bid on! I guarantee you'll still get some great one-on-one advice and maybe even learn a new way to do things in your business! You have ONE DAY LEFT TO BID!!! Are you thirsty yet?!


*note: if an auction is very active at closing time, the auction will remain open until the highest bidder is no longer contested*

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