Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Listen to Your Excuses

What excuse do you use the most to not do something that you know will move your business forward?  Time?  Money?  Energy?

Often times we let our excuses stop us from taking action on something.  However, if we take a moment to examine why we don't have what we feel we need to take action, we can evaluate what changes we may need to make in order to reclaim control over the things which feel like they are currently holding us back.

Why don't we have enough time?
What are we prioritizing instead?
How are we setting up our schedule in a way that continually limits our time and makes it impossible to have time for improvements or exploring something more beneficial?
How can we improve our time management in order to gain more control over our time?

Why do we feel like there isn't enough money?
Where has our money been going instead?
How are we setting up our spending habits that restrict our ability to invest in business building opportunities or hiring help that would create more revenue?
How can we improve our financial management in order to gain more control?

Why do we feel like we don't have enough energy?
Where are we directing most of our energy?
How are we setting ourselves up to feel drained of our energy so that there's no additional energy left to add anything else to our plate?
How can we improve our personal energy levels so that we can accomplish more?

Examine your excuses to identify where you need to make changes in the way you manage your life or your business.  The solution is often just within reach when we realize that we have the power to make the necessary changes by simply thinking ahead and identifying what habits need to be changed.

Anne Ruthmann helps creatives find smarter solutions to common business problems as a Creative Business Strategist and author of the Pricing Workbook for Creatives.  Her wisdom is steeped in the experience of managing her own creative businesses since 2004.  Stay in touch on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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