Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game

Over the weekend I noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of facebook freakouts over gas prices. What do people expect? It's a LIMITED resource and there's no where for costs to go but up- that's just basic economics- and yet people continue to be blissfully ignorant that their own reliance on this non-renewable resource is the REAL problem.

I've seen people suggest not buying gas for a day, or not buying gas from certain companies, but that's not going to solve the problem-

It will only hurt the small business owner trying to make a living and provide for their family.

Those small business owners are your clients- do you really want to hurt them?

If true change is to happen, it needs to start with people getting out of the gasoline game all together. By reducing our individual usage of non-renewables, we create less demand, and large companies are forced to invest new sources of energy which are both renewable and sustainable. The fact is, most of the big energy companies already know how limited their supply is and they're getting desperate to keep providing in a profitable way in order to tide over the general population until the demand decreases. One way to force people to move more quickly is to make the current supply much more expensive to access. In the meantime, profits may soar, but demand will decrease, and people will get angry that they have to change their ways. The oil companies are not the problem- they are merely creating supply for the market demands. The people creating demand are the problem. We live in a society in which we can vote with our demand and our money-

If you want to see change, you need to be a part of the solution.

To be part of the solution, you need to educate yourself on the alternatives available to use in your home and business life. Some people don't even know where they are currently contributing to the problem outside of the gas pump- which is just one small part of the oil equation. Here are some great resources to help you understand your alternative options:
• Greenpeace: 10 simple ways to use less oil
• Matador: 50 ways to use less oil
• EIA: Renewable & Alternative Fuel Options

Anne Ruthmann is a lifestyle & wedding photographer from Boston, MA. She spent 10 years practicing marketing & management in corporate and non-profit businesses before pursuing her passion for photography as an independent small business. She loves helping others find creative and low-cost solutions to business problems. Follow her on Twitter to see her daily adventures and thoughts.


  1. Just wanted to quickly say that I have so much respect for you - I try to live as green as possible, but I know that has not extended to my business life near enough as it could....this year I aim to change that. Your commitment is definitely inspiring.

  2. Love your writing, and we def try to save as much energy as possible, however, if you really have an interest in the subject, digging deep will amaze you at the amount of oil that is out there, and how the market, speculators, and govt manipulate the price/gal. As a longtime investor, I have seen who the players are, and as of right now the saudi's want $200/barrel which would make the per gallon cost approx $6-8. Also keep in mind the devaluation of the dollar, which is down worldwide more than half, form just a few years ago, so when a barrel was $50 but the dollar's value is cut in half... we see $100/barrel oil, but that is a result of poor fical policy and not supply and demand. We still need to do all we can, since after china and india's new middle class, (thx to outsourcing,,,) all get cars,,,, well, they are going to be using way more oil than us.

  3. Which is exactly why we simply need to rely on renewable resources that are within our own control. ;-)


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