Thursday, November 29, 2007

Subscribe by Email!

Now you can subscribe to this blog by email and get photo lovecat posts in your inbox! If you're reading this in a feed reader, CLICK HERE to visit the actual blog and use the email subscription form on the right to get new posts emailed to you!

I love using bloglines as my feedreader, but lately I've been so busy that the only things I've been looking at are the things that come through my inbox. Also, many of my own clients don't really track various blogs through a feedreader, so an email subscription is perfect for them because they get the blog content delivered directly and automatically to their email. The only email feeder option I've found to accomplish this with tons of additional features is

If you're a sporadic blogger (like I am with this blog, even though I'm very active on my personal blog), or if you find it difficult to keep a blog and a newsletter, this could be the perfect option for you and your readers! has a lot of different options for customizing your feed and making it look more like a newsletter. You can also specify which posts get subscribed to by limiting a subscription to only certain tags.. for example, you could only have items tagged "personal" sent to a friends & family subscription, or only items tagged "portrait" sent to your portrait clients. You can also decide how frequently your blog gets emailed- if you post daily but only want to send an email to your clients once a week, you can set the frequency with which the posts are emailed. You can also track when your feed has been forwarded to others, and you can check click-through rates all within FeedBlitz! There's so much more, but I'll let you read about it on your own:

I'm just using the free option right now (which includes ads)- so you're welcome to see what it looks like by signing yourself up for new posts from this blog, and then you can unsubscribe safely whenever your heart desires! (Of course, I hope you'll love me so much that you won't... but I hate unnecessary email as much as the next person!) Check it out and see if this is something that will make life easier for you & your blog readers!


  1. I am partial to Google Reader:) Thanks for the great blog!!

  2. Sweet! Definitely one of those things I will have to set up soon for my clients that just don't get RSS. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Just to let you know, I haven't received FeedBlitz on your most recent posts. I checked the spam filter, and they are just missing. What a bummer.


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